Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally in the Middle East!

Finally! A safe, handmade, SLS-free, Preservative-free, Parabens-free AND mostly organic, delicious looking SOAPS in EGYPT!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
"Sabouna" means "Soap" in Arabic and it is the first company of its kind in the Middle East. Although Sabouna soaps are currently only available for people living in Egypt but it's getting A LOT of buzz in the personal-care products media across the Middle East!
Here are just some of the cute looking soaps Sabouna Handmade Soaps offers ;

All Sabouna Handmade Soaps products could be purchased directly through and Facebook fan page : 
You could also follow Sabouna Handmade Soaps and Cosmetics on twitter :!/SabounaSoaps 

Watch this space there are more to come veeerrrryyy sooooooooon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Sale Time!

It's SAALLLEEE time in Egypt! :))
Ramadan is almost here, اللهم بلغنا رمضان , and all the lovely ladies are preparing themselves spiritually and outfit-wise ! :) Well, Abayahs are the must-haves during Ramadan for Taraweeh prayer. Abayahs are comfy, practical and very modest but this doesn't mean you have to compromise when it comes to style. Check out Le Manteau collection and enjoy up to 50% discount!!!

Le Manteau : 192 Abd EL Salam Aref Street, Tharwat Tram station beside Omar Effendi store
Tel : 03 5840022
Alexandria, Egypt

Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 Colour Trends

Flashy colours are this season's must-have!

Femi9 : "I am playful and have fun with fashion..."
Femi9 is a Saudi brand. 

Zara :

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Le Manteau- A New Hip Store In Town!

Finding a modest yet young-looking and trendy Abaya / Manteau (similar to Abaya but with bottons on the front) was something like 'mission impossible' for EL Ariny sisters!
So the creative, pro-active sisters decided to solve this problem for good by designed their own Manteaux to preserve modesty , used trendy colours to keep it youthful and insisted on presenting high quality end products!
I was lucky enough and honored to be invited  to the opening ceremony of "Le Manteau" Store.

192 Abd El Salam Aref street - Tharwat tram station beside Omar Effendi

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking For Long Skirts?

Spring/Summer 2011 Long Skirts :

Did my homework and here are all of the long skirts available in Egypt (most probably in your country too ) :

Zara (A Winner!lol ) :


I got this wonderful/romantic skirt :)


Promod :

Monday, May 16, 2011

Four Weeks of Accessories!

A month of accessories! Well, it wasn't intentional but for the past four weeks I haven't bought a thing except accessories! Hehee. Trying to stick to one of my "New Years Resolutions" : Appreciate and Buy Handmade, I bought 2 bracelets and an amazing necklace all handmade and all made with love by local emerging talents :)

Nadine's Handmade Paintings and Accessories - By Nadine Mohammed Hafez

Facebook Page :

Black Berry Accessories : By Dina Ahmed

Facebook Group :

5araz(handmade accessories-wedding invitation cards-fashion designs)

Me wearing it! lol :) I adore this bracelet for it's soooo Egyptian! :) 

Facebook Page :

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Q&A : Acne scars

Question by Hagar : I want to know; I have scars cause of acne...what to do to erase them?

Answer : Acne scars/marks is a very common problem for olive-skinned ladies (Tanned Arabian-skin). There are two types of scarring ;

1- Dark spots at the place of the pimple/acne

2- Irregular skin (groves like) at the place of the pimple  .

Today I'll be discussing the first type : Dark spots/marks .

How to get a clear, dark spots-free skin:
I would like to note that getting visible results when treating any problem related to skin or/and hair takes at least 3 month (so yes you got to be patient ).

Working from the inside :   Feed your skin!
Getting a healthy skin requires a skin-friendly diet for beautiful skin starts from within! :)  

  1. Brewer Yeast Tablets : Rich with B-complex vitamin (B1, B2 ,B3, B5, B6, B9,B7). Recommended dose : 3-4 Tablets daily ( Egyptian Medicated Brewer Yeast Tablets) or as stated on the bottle/container. Please note that it isn't recommended to consume Brewer Yeast if you are allergic to yeast or/and wheat. 
  2. Zinc and Vitamin B12 supplement : the dose/amount of Zinc shouldn't exceed 15 mg daily.
  3. Water! Yup!! at least 1.5 Liters of water everyday.

Working from the outside:

Daily : ALWAYS apply oil-free Sunblock SPF 45 (choose a Sunblock not a Sunscreen ) 20 minutes before going out in the sun.

Alternating days: 
At bed-time : Adapalene gel (Adapalene 0.1% ). To be applied to freshly cleansed skin and only on scar (NOT over the whole face). 

Weekly :
Using a facial scrub specially designed for sensitive skin, scrub (gently please!) your face twice a week after cleansing. Avoid eye area.

Biweekly (twice / month) : steaming/ getting a facial. This step to be done after removing dead skin (scrubbing). A deep cleansing mask could be used after steaming .

Recommended masks : Mud-mask , Clay or Kaolin mask.