Thursday, July 29, 2010

Match Made In Heaven!

If you were following my blog (old one/word press) for sometime you'd know how obsessed I am with Islamic Design House products and how much I love sister Amina's work. I was thrilled when I found out they kind of joined forces !loooooooool  :))
IDH is available now in Egypt and Jordan ( UK/US and Canada too of course!lol) 

Check out the video to know what am talking about :

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Summer Buys!

Hi everyone!
Got some gorgeous Make-up & Skin-care products and wanted to share :)
Ok! First...summer's true essence " TRUblend minerals" Bronzer from Cover Girl...Bronzing powders (in general) ROCKS!! Gives you a great , healthy, effortless glow. I used it on the beach, by the pool and whenever I hang out with my friends. I just use this FAT (use the fattest brush you could find around!lool)

My second is " the COLOSSAL VOLUM' EXPRESS"  Mascara by Maybelline. I got it in black+non-water proof. Black colour defines the eye that's why I prefer black mascaras over brown or/& blue...This mascara did a great job! Loads of clogs what so ever...but on the down side the manufacturers included perfume/fragrance in the formulation. ( sorry working in the pharmaceutical field is taking over my vocab!lol)

Next would be the lovely,lovely Vaseline total moisture conditioning! Well Vaseline is great for the dry, cracked Winter skin...but I can up with a 2-in-1 use for it. Add 1 teaspoon ( more if you'd like or need) to course brown sugar or course sea salt...mix well and scrub+moisturize your skin before going to the beach to get an even, Brazilian-women style :) You even could do this while sitting at the beach (in case you forgot to prepare your skin at home) mix the moisturizer  with some sand (yep u read it right!lol) and scrub! Don't forget to wash it off!loool

Hijabi-Hair Bands!

Hair bands are all over the place now and most of the celebrities were spotted wearing them this summer. As a Hijabi , Hair bands meant nothing to me more than "Girls' parties" ( which doesn't take place pretty often! :( ) ....But I loved those bands sooooo I came up with a cool way to wear them! :)