Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Believe We Do It Better!

Most of the fashion bloggers can't stop talking about how Prada, Valentino ,Armani and Chanel are introducing "Hijab-Friendly" outfits, so I thought I'll introduce a better option. Muslim Designers...why? Because we (Muslims) do it better! And the photos will prove it!loool :)

1) The very talented Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi- Medici and the brain behind Velvet Class Boutique, Sharjah UAE

2) Rabia Z : A Pioneer in Conservative-Chic Pret & Couture, Rabia Z. Brand has become synonymous with style.

3) Nawal : ~the art of traditional clothing~ Nawal Al-Maimani, an established Saudi female fashion designer, started in the early 2000s and since then her trademark styles have become very popular and her designs speak for themselves.

Offering a wide range of Abayas, Theyaab, Casual-wear and Accessories.

4) Dar USHA : An exclusive villa boutique, tucked away in a historical old Kuwaiti house overlooking the sea.

It boasts a fanciful collection that combines the rich colors, exquisite threads, and diverse fabrics of the East, with the sophisticated, intricate patterns and designs of the West, to produce modern whimsical pieces with a vintage flair exclusively for darUSHA*

Information :

1) Velvet Class :
    Velvet Class Boutique Mega Mall, Sharjah, UAE.

2) Rabia Z : ,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O.Box 76389

3) Nawal :
    Prince Abdullah Street, Rawda District (next to Azhaar Reema)

   Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

4)Dar USHA :
    Telephone :+965- 224 66 570

    HOTLINE: +965- 9990 4900
    Beit Al-Mazar (17) - Behbehani historical houses - Behind Starbux ilKaneesa- alWatia Kuwait, Kuwait
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadan-Taraweeh Outfit

I had no intention to blog about what am gonna wear this year while going to Taraweeh prayer, but a lot of sisters sent me emails requesting to know. Just one note before I do, Ramadan is about recharging yourself spiritually and seeking Allah's forgiveness . It doesn't matter if you are a fashionista or don't know the ABC of how to dress up...It's Ramadan and our trendy outfits won't do us any good if we weren't forgiven by Allah (SWT).
Ramadan Mubarak to all of the sisters out there :)

Abaya : Islamic Design House
Shoes : Charles & Keith
Taraweeh Bag : Bubble Handmade Products

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How-To-Tie A Square Scarf

Here is a tutorial I've made to show you a new way to tie a square scarf:

Hope you liked it and waiting for your comments :)