Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking For Long Skirts?

Spring/Summer 2011 Long Skirts :

Did my homework and here are all of the long skirts available in Egypt (most probably in your country too ) :

Zara (A Winner!lol ) :


I got this wonderful/romantic skirt :)


Promod :


  1. walekum assalam warahmatuh Allah wabarakatuh

    Fi Rojada fi jipat helween awy

    Rabbena maaki

  2. Jazaki Allah Khayran 3ala el comment beta3ek :) Inshaa Allah , ashofhom bardo. Howa ana 3'aliban mish ba7awil awi fe Rojada 3ashan jopat-hom beyeb2o tolhom mish tawil kefaya (ana asli tawila shewaya) , bas law 7ad toloh li7ad 160cm ta2reban beyla2i 7agat kowayesa :)
    Merci tani 3ala el comment.

  3. Ooooo I love the Zara and promod ones :D hope I can find them here inshaAllah :) and hope the prices are not so high :/
    thanks for the post!! xxxx